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    Has anyone been able to get a hold on a WinCE install?
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    With CE, you buy the source and then compile it for your specific processor...or something like that anyway. There's no "install CD". Would be great if it would run on x86 processors though. A low end Pentium could easily play MP3s with about 2 seconds of boot up time...
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      ive heard of ppl getting wince on x86 ms says its compatable with x86 u can buy wince i think its on a rom card i woudl imagine.

      but its not very good limited drivers and crapy software and stuff.
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        I found WinCE on a *coughwarezcough* site once. Didn't get the chance to download it though since I only were on a 36k6 modem. However, I did some research on it and yes, it supports x86 processors. But only ones made especially for handhelds. I don't remember their name. (Isnt StrongARM a x86 processor maybe?)

        The next best thing would be to get a motherboard which supports linuxbios. If you get a successfull flash of linuxbios your pc is up and running in 3 seconds... The only problem is that your IDE drives hasn't spun up yet so they won't probe

        LinuxBios webpage
        Currently missing ATX DCDC power & LCD stuff =)


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          Microsoft Win CE is only available from Microsoft if you are an approved MS Developer. You can on the other hand get a biscuit PC from with CE installed. Most Visual Basic and Visual C++ programs can be ported to CE. The draw back is that they would need to be ported to all the individual processors that you want to run it on and you might be required to wright some of your own drivers.

          In an ideal world this wouldn't matter. The processor and the operating system would both be transparent. This would enable developers to make one program that runs virtually on all systems. But, that would be an ideal world, or not. It isn't an ideal world, but a language of this caliber is being created. And it should be released this fall. To find out more visit these web pages.
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