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Disabling safe mode in Windows ME?

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  • Disabling safe mode in Windows ME?

    Whats the method to disable safe mode in Windows ME? I looked in msconfig but I didn't see an option to disable safe mode.
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    There is a piece of software I think it is called Xsetup that is similar to TweakUI only about 50 times as many options. is the site but I got it from (I think)

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      I have used the XSetup software before and there isn't an option to disable safe mode, only an option to disable scandisk.
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        errr these are msdos.sys settings

        check out the webpage
        look at the info on bootwarn, BootMenuDefault, and maybe BootSafe also (info from the url included below)

        I would test these out to see if I could figure out what you need from it but I am at work and only have my win2k machine to work with so I cant do that right now.


        Default: 1

        Purpose: A setting of 0 disables the safe mode boot warning message and
        the Startup menu.


        Default: 1 if the system is running correctly
        3 if the system hung in the previous instance

        Purpose: Use this setting to set the default menu item for startup.


        Default: 0

        Purpose: A setting of 1 forces your computer to boot in safe mode.

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          ur right, Xsetup has a lot of options but not to disable safe mode.
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