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  • basic win95 and winamp...

    From what I have read from this b.b.s., I think Win95 and Winamp for my mp3's is the way to go or at least for me anyways.

    Since I am new to this, my question is how much of the Win95 O.S. is really nessesary for the basic mp3 operation? I guess what I am asking is, how to make a stripped down version of win95.

    I have done all the basic tricks's like the winamp as a shell type changes but I want to remove as much of the O.S. as possible. Can anyone help me with this???

    Thanks to all in advance.


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    my suggestion would be to use windows 98 with 98lite...... get it from

    with the full version you can remove virtually everything from the win98 OS. Ive got my windows 98 running in about 35MB of hard disc space and booting in 22 sec (as my sig says!)
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      Very true to what magnetik is saying. I have also found out that if in the future you try to maybe add a few software or what not, then if might NOT work on your stripped down version of the OS. I have helped dozens of ppl that stripped it down and lateron when they tried to run basic stuff or add new app, Win9x just laughed at them Anyway if all you want to do is just play MP3's and not install anything else then you are ok, but if u plan on using a TFT later on and maybe watch DVD/Divx and few other things, then watch all the troubles start popping up
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