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  • Music CD in Winamp

    Hey all, long time not being around here. Anyway, After taking my system out I decided to revamp it and play around with it a little more. Well, once I decided to do that I realized that I can not play audio CD's the way I want to. That is to bring them up as a playlist in winamp. Obviously there's the auto-insertion but what I want is to setup a playlist that if I want to access it with my irman, I can just type in the specific playlist and play the audio cd. Ive played around with this using d:\*.cda, etc but of course that didnt work. I then thought to just do
    d:\track02.cda, etc. but then what happens when I run into a CD with CDextra (ex. Gorillaz.) I can not find the audio tracks on it anywhere. Is there a plugin to do this with, is there a specific way to open the songs. Surely someone else has run across this and came up with a beautiful way to do it. Well, anyway, just thought Id jump back into the loop and see what happens. I appreciate any help.


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