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Configurable vis plugin for winamp

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  • Configurable vis plugin for winamp

    Im looking for one or more visual plugins that allows me to define which key to use as exit/quit key (numeric keypad). Preferbly one that look nice

    anyone has any good ideas, several of the ones i have looked at allows you to define all other functions than the exit

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    I had the same problem...But when I use Gueiss in full screen and hit the "0" key on the numpad winamp kicks gueiss off and pulls open a file dialog box to find a new play list...and then i hit cancel and I am back in my OS. Not the best but it works.


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      hm, i'll try that, i guess ill have to make some sort of escape sequence stuff ... (num keypad only


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        I had the same problem while running Geiss. After a little research, I found a five-star solution. Please e-mail me and I can give you the full details. Would post them here, but I'm running late for a meeting. You can e-mail me at [email protected]
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