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  • Stupid Dos question

    When running a Dos Prompt from Windows 95 how do you make it not be full screen. I want to have it run in a window. Then also how do you set the screen buffer so that you have a scroll bar to go back and see past commands.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Press Alt + Enter to go to Full or Partial screen,

    For the other question, I believe what you want is called Doskey,
    Try typing in "Doskey" at the prompt
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      Alt + enter worked. Thanks. Doskey didn't allow me to scroll though, is there a switch or anything I need to run with it?


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        you cannot scroll back a buffer as far as i know. doskey will act like other shells, as it will remember past commands and let you go through them with the arrow keys.
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          On my computer I have an option in properties to set a "screen buffer" I can increase the height and then a scroll bar is present which lets me scroll back and view what was typed earlier. But on a friends computer they don't have this option and I'm trying to figure out how to make the scroll bar appear. Anyone know any other ways to do it?


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            you can only have a scrollbar on nt/2000 systems, not on 9x/ME.
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              A few of you were getting confiused between Dustin's question of the screen buffer scrollbar and doskey. The later remembers DOS commands entered in a history... NOT the screen buffer itself.

              Dustin, try making a shortcut to then with the shortcut on the desktop, right click and goto the properties. You can change most of that stuff there... like full/window mode, memory usage, DOS font size, etc, etc.

              hope that helps....
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                if he doesn't feel like re-typing all the stuff from previous.......which i think is some how related to one of his questions, he can type "doskey" before issuing any commands and then use the UP arrow key to scroll or retrieve previous entries....
                I use this alot any time i pull up a dos window.
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