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charchter lcd program?

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  • charchter lcd program?

    Does anyone where i can find a program which can print textfiles on my charcater lcd?

    I want a program which i can make custom made menus for charchter lcd's.
    Just an easy program that will copy the text in a textfile an display it on my lcd.
    Then i can make macros with girder or any other nice program that will start applications a.s.o.

    Press some button on your remote (or keypad or whatever) and some macro program (like IRAssisstant) will shudown your original winamp lcd vis. plugin and start this program.

    The i want the program to print this on my 2x40 lcd:

    * 1) crossfade plugin 3) ripp cd *
    * 2) tempo plugin 4) whatever u want*

    press 2 on your remote and a this will popup

    * crossfade presets: *
    * 1) party 2) club 3) radio 4) gap killer*

    and press 1 and IRAssisstant will start the "party" preset in the crossfade plugin and the start the original lcd vis. plugin.

    someone who know if there is a program like this?
    Pentium II 266 MHz, 32 MB RAM, 2 GB HD, network, IRman, modified
    keyboard, 2*40 LCD, WinMe with Win98lite, Girder.

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    LCDprint will print the contents of a text file to lcd. Look for it on