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AC97 Control Panel Switcher Program (could be useful for many)

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  • AC97 Control Panel Switcher Program (could be useful for many)

    AC97 Control Panel Option Switcher

    By Felix


    This program changes options in the 'sound affect manager' control panel for the common AC97 onboard sound hardware. It was written to provide a one-click solution to turn the SPDIF digital output on or off. However, it was written in a generic format for versatility. Example files are included, no support is offerred as it was written for a specific purpose.


    because many audio processors will not switch out of digital mode unless you turn the digital output off or turn the entire computer off. If the user has another analog source (like a high end cd deck), there is no easy way to switch from digital to analog sources. This program makes it possible to have 2 shortcuts on the desktop, one for digital on, the other for digital off. It can be used to set any option in any control panel if you can figure out how to set it up.

    other uses?
    You could use this to set the soundcard to kareoke mode, or to load eq presets. You can use it to provide a one-click shortcut to make most control panel adjustments.


    This is a basic guide, and no support is included. This will only work if you have the same version of the AC97 control panel program that I have.

    1. unzip to /program files/AC97Switch/
    2. move both example shortcuts to the desktop
    3. click on the shortcuts
    4. watch it go

    - If you run the program directly, you can create and save config files, which are stored in the cfg directory. To create new config files you must fill out all the information appropriately, save the config file, then create a new shortcut to the program.

    "C:/program files/ac97switch/ac97switch.exe" "C:/program files/ac97switch/cfg/no_out" (change 'no_out' for the name of your config file)

    - to find the x,y parameters of the tab you need to click on, use the ruler program. You can click on the open window and it will tell you the x, y parameters. you should be able to estimate it correctly without too much dificulty.

    - passive/active is a toggle for the popup message at the end that says the operation is complete

    - wait time is how long until it times out and gives up if it's having problems.

    email questions to [email protected]