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Crystalfontz lcd display, plugin or software

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  • Crystalfontz lcd display, plugin or software

    I have a Crystalfontz 20x4 LCD display connected in the com port.

    Does anybody know of a plugin or software that uses the com port.

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    The software mentioned in this thread will work with Crystal Fontz serial LCD's.
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      I've tried that plugin and I liked it, but I want it to show the number of the song playing.


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        well this does not have the Equ like the other one but maybe it is what you need. I only have it working on matrix orbital displays right now but it is VB code and should not be hard to modify to work with the Crystalfontz display (and my display is the same size as yours.)

        ohhh yeah it also displays Shuffle and Repeat status (not shown on the screen that shows on your monitor like that but it is shown on the LCD display

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          Thanks moxnix. But the problem is that I don't have any programming skills. And I whould also wan't to have an equ, if possible.


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            Hey I said it was in VB so you dont need programming skills ;-) but seriously if I ever figure out how to do an EQ in VB it will get one (or if I decide to actualy write it in a real programming language sometime (or maybe I can modify that other one that Callahan posted (I do know some C but I dont know about writing a plugin from scratch) but I have in the past modified a few plugins to make them more like what I wanted also I am willing to modify whatever code needs to be changed to make it run on Crystalfontz if need be.



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              Moxnix, does your plugin work with serial connection.


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                saevarg: Get CobraI, it supports CF LCD.

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                  Right now my program only works with matrix orbital displays so yeah what it works with is the serial port since all matrix orbital displays are serial port displays (and better than the Crystalfontz ;-) (well actualy I am just jelious of the people that have the Crystalfontz display since they are better and cheaper than my display ;-) but they dont have a keypad connector ummm yeah thats it they must suck j/k as for CobraI I cant say anything about it since I have not tried it and I dont think it will support my matrix orbital display :-(