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    OK, i normally run DOS/MPXPlay but i decided to try Win95/Winamp. It works relatively well but it is so slow booting. I played with the registry shutting stuff down and did some stuff in msdos.sys. Anyone got any tips or is my 166MHZ/64MB/2GB just gonna be that way. The fastest boot time i can get is about one minute. In DOS though i could only get 28 seconds though. I guess my BIOS and stuff is slow?


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    Your BIOS sounds slow. First, run the HD autodetect to detect all HDs so the BIOS doesn't have to do this on boot. Then, disable the floppy drive and controller (if you don't need it) and set the boot order to "HD Only". Set the POST tests to "fastest" or "minimal", set extended RAM test to 0, etc. If you have CPU plug and play, disable it and hard set the CPU speed.

    If Windows is taking forever to boot, either remove TCP/IP from your network properties, or set a static IP address. Disable the startup logo, set the "wait for F8" time to 1 second, and make your shell Winamp. Also, yank all that crap like "regscan", browser startup, etc. out of the registry startup keys.
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      Also, Winamp will play about a second of music and then stop. Actually it does not even come through on the stereo, just watched the Spectrum analyzer. Anyone have any suggestions? BTW i got my boot time down to 50 seconds by messin w/ msdos.sys and stuff. Anyone know of any small, relatively easy to use w/ mp3 support. I am using SB16.



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        I have the same boot lag, does anyone know how to get into the bios of a compaq? I have tried holding down F7 and F9 when the little square is blinking but nothing works!

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          I believe the way it works for compaq's is this... when the little cursor comes up on the right side of the screen, press F10. Now, most (all?) Compaq's do things a little differently. Instead of the BIOS being on a chip, its actually on a partition on the hard drive. So if you deleted all existing partitions and created from scratch, you'll have to go to compaqs website and get files to make the boot disks to restore the BIOS.


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            BIOS on the HHD??? wierd... and easy to hack!

            um for the bootup stuff, we have covered this before many times....... do a search!

            I would be more worried about your sound card problem than the bootup at the moment tho.... sounds like a IRQ conflict maybe? SB16 they a usually fairly easy to get going.... PCI or ISA?

            for the bootup, try 98lite, then tweak the OS from there....
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              It works fine w/ my other hd on dos. I just realized this is actually a Sound Blaster Vibra 16? I will try it with my SB16 in a bit. They are both ISA. I dunno, it seems kinda weird to me. Thanks all.