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win 95 tweaking

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  • win 95 tweaking

    I'm using win95 and autoexec / config there is choice to go player mode or setup mode
    In player mode shell is shell.bat what loads winamp, ir-program & macro porgram and lcdout
    In setup mode shell is explorer.exe and it loads remote-control-desktop prog.

    Booting takes up to 60 secs, is there any way to disable the nic in player-mode, but enable it when in setup mode. I mean automatically. Or is there any good macro prog. what loads instatly and works great?
    Project almost ready

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    Forgive me, but I don't understand your question. You may want to check out and see if 98Lite can do what you're asking about.
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      Yes...I've done what you are referring too, but it requires a bit of time and preparation. I formatted the drive and then installed the operating system with only the hardware that the mp3player needs in the computer ( and sound cards). Then I installed only the software that I would need to run the mp3player.

      I then copied the System.dat and User.dat (these files are the windows registry) from the Windows folder to another folder. Next installed all the additional hardware and software that I wanted for setup mode.

      In my menu in the config/autoexec, I set it up so that it copied the correct registry and system.ini files into the windows directory when I started in setup mode. Then I edited C:\Windows\dosstart.bat so that when I exited windows into DOS mode, it would copy the registry and system.ini to use in the car back.

      Doing it this way, no files are copied when it starts in car mode and the additional hardware is not initialized. I cut about 10-20 seconds off my boot time doing this. (of course disabling the PCMCIA made the biggest difference your milage may vary)


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        at this time, the link works fine...

        Yesterday i also tried the link and i was send to some porn-pages and immediately some porn-web-cam showed up...

        imagine that while at work...

        glad that i live in the netherlands where people don't really mind about that..
        (don't mind about many other things eiter )

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          you probably went to by mistake...I've done that by mistake too.


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            Also having a 7200rpm drive will save u another 10 sec or so