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What do you think of this software setup?

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  • What do you think of this software setup?


    This is a general screen shot of my setup I am using with my touch screen modded i-opener:

    <center><a href="" target=new> </a></center>
    <center>Click to enlarge</center>

    What happens is this: winamp starts with the webpage auto opening in the winamp mini browser. Using the touch screen, you select the song you want. normally internet explorer asks you, "do you want to download this file or open it from its current location?" chose open from current location and make sure the box checked always ask for this file type is unchecked so that everytime you click a mp3 it sends it to winamp. using the program cd2html ( I made about 100 pages that link to my mp3s (when a simple click of a button, well sorta. had to make a bunch of changes in the prefrences and I severly hacked the source code of the template to make the fonts bigger and a diff color and take out un-needed info ect.). i tihnk this is an ideal way for people with a touch screen to control the players! it works wonders! Also, if you want to check out allllllll my mp3 pages made with cd2html go to . Please let m know what you think of this setup

    P.S. The new revision to the pages made the fonts smaller so they fit in the winamp browser better. I didnt need as big as the ones at because the I-Opener lcd is pretty big.

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    Nice to see someone that listens to some of the same music i do