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Skin For AverMedia TV 303 Studio version

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  • Skin For AverMedia TV 303 Studio version

    Hi Guys

    I just bought an AverMedia TV Studio 303 and I discovered that the software is skinnable! I made all the necessary preparasions and finaly I manage to have the new skin.

    No need to implement again from scratch the tv and radio application, just change the skin, and this is what I wanted.

    If you have this card and you want to use it, I'll post it after I finish. Please inform me for your interest.


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    looks great

    hi, i'm planning to buy an avermedia DVB-T pci card for my (yet in construction) carputer. Do you think it's possible to do something similar with this card? and wich front-end are u currently using?


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      I am also have AverMedia TV Studio 303 and I am very interested in this skin.
      Thanks a lot for your job.


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        Hi cyberlancer

        I don't know, depends from the software that the card has.

        I was very lucky because the software for this TV-Radio card is skinable, and I was searching something like this to avoid development TV & Radio app from the start.

        I remember 5-6 years ago Hauppauge's DVB software was skinable!!

        When you will go to buy one search at the specifications area out of the box of the product, if there is any mention about the app, skinable apps always

        I was checking the software for DVB-T and after the installation there is a folder named Skin, so probably they will follow the same architecture, because all TV devices has common way of using it in programming point of view. I think that it will work, but I can't quaranty this

        I am using my carpc software, with brushed metal skins and I am starting to create my own skins.

        The skin status is 70% ready and it is working perfectly with all the features of the software!!




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          would love to see that skin

          hi mate, i have a fleet of cars with avermedia 303s in them. would LOVE to get my hands on that skin! Any chance of a public release?

          Jan Haak


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            Good day, I would make Turkey the carputer project. AVerMedia TV Studio 303 is in my cart. tv skin but I could not find a cart that works with. I saw your posting in the forum and I'm so glad. I wonder if this Is it possible to send me your skin. Thank you very much.