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  • Enhancing the GPS experience

    I came across a little program that runs on Palm/GPS units in the UK. It keeps a database of traffic cameras and lets you know when one is coming up.

    UK Trafcam

    I also came across someone maintaining a traffic cam database in Australia

    Australia Traffic Cams

    Anyone know if a similar program/database exists for the US. While it would be very nice to hardwire a radar dectector into the car computer, it wuld also be nice to have a databse of unmanned cameras, etc. that would let you know when you were approaching one.

    Just a thought, if anyone knows whats out there let me know.

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    lol...i would love to get my hands on one of those apps just to hack it. Seems like every city out here (MD/DC) have camera's poping up every night. So far i haven't gotten my price yet, but i am sure one day it will come in the mail
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      i dont live in the UK, but thats a VERY clever idea!
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        well combines with GPS it can be done, and rather easy. You think of all the GPS programs out there, and the one that tells you where theres gas, and resturant, abd so on, well new ID and VALUE, its called camera, and it is stationary just like the traffic lights, so the first thing to do is look for documentation. Or ask the right person with the right knowledge, and you be in some business.

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