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HELP! Win2K cought in a hibernate loop!

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  • HELP! Win2K cought in a hibernate loop!

    You wont believe this. I was configuring my Win2K UPS under Power Management for a generic custom UPS. I couldnt get the computer to hibernate when the UPS sent the signal so I figured it was set to the wrong polarity. So, I set all the polarities to neg and sure enough it went into hybernate mode with a power good signal. As soon as it started back up, the process started all over again! As soon as the OS finishes loading, again into hibernate. I keeps doing it even when I disconnected the UPS from the com port. HELP!!! What can I do. I just loaded Win2K for the first time on the system a week ago. I love the stability but I dont know much about it. I don't even know how to get to the command line prompt before the GUI starts up.
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    Have you tried disconnecting the UPS?


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      tried booting to safe mode? try hitting f8 when win2k is loading....otherwise you can try the last know good configuration option. if all else fails try feeding the necessary pin/pins a positive +5v from a power supply connector. i believe you can go into repair mode from the win2k cd and get to a command prompt. you might be able to modify registry keys here. you'd have to find the reg key that enables the UPS service and set it to disabled. i could think of a bunch of different ways to fix it, just try these out and see if any work. good luck.
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        lol... i couldn't help but laugh...
        Sorry it was just too funny
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