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Problem with Jaton video 77 w/ TV out

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  • Problem with Jaton video 77 w/ TV out

    Hi all, I just got this video card and it works great for VGA to my monitor, but I can't get the TV out to work. I have the jumpers configured like this:

    jp1 = 2-3
    jp3 = CLOSE
    jp8,9,10 = 1-2
    jp4 = CLOSE

    This should be NTSC and boot to TV out (I think) but it doesn't output anything. Anyone else have this card. How do you have it configured.


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    Do you have the composite video plugged into anything before you boot. I know my AIW Pro has to be plugged into something before I boot or it wont output to the composite video. If you do have it plugged in and still nothing (like mine), try taking a 75 ohm resistor and shorting it across the rca cable for the composite out. Your monitor might not have enough resistance for your video card to see (I had the same problem). I hope this helps.