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Lorty's plugin display problems, really weird

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  • Lorty's plugin display problems, really weird

    Ive been using my carputer a lot lately, but just recently, its been acting weird. Every now and then the LCD will display the wrong letter for what's on the LCD. How is this being caused? I thought maybe when I hit a bump it corrupted the plugin. But then I brought it inside to check and it worked fine! Like half the time it works and the other half it doesnt. But on the display for "MxPx - Teenage Politics" It would say somethin like "MpQp - Gfflgrw Qdipexpnv" I think it could be one of two problems: 1: Heat! It gets hot in my car and lately its been really bad! 2: Interference. The LCD cable is 25 feet long and I had extra so I wrapped it up and tiewrapped it. Could the signals in the air be colliding with eachother? I don't know, hopefully it can be easily fixed cuz I love this thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks a bunch!

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    check for bad connections and connections that are shorting out


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      Sounds like two data cables for the lcd are touching when you hit a bump or something. Make sure all the data lines for your lcd are seperated and insulated.