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  • Remote capabilities

    I was just wondering what capabilities can a remote have in a mp3car.
    I'm planning to create one, and since the budjet is low, i'll probably not install a lcd (maybe a low cost one later on), and base the entire mp3car on remote control.
    Is it possible to control ALL actions from a remote? (Boot,search,shutdown,load etc.)
    Indication of software would be nice too

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    With a good remote you can control just about everything. I have been able to emululate mouse movements, keyboard strokes, hotkeys and so on with IRAssistant along with Irman. But it all depends on the remote (enough buttons) and the software. As far as I know the only thing you can not do is boot the computer.

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      Back in high school we had a power mac that turned on and off with a TV remote! It was the craziest thing I have ever seen, and it was only the one computer, none of the others had the same effect.