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  • Winamp 3 Beta 1

    Winamp 3 Beta 1 1.21M

    mmm.. seems good to go with our project since it can change the scale of windows.

    check this out.
    http://<a href="http://download.null..._beta1.exe</a>
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    I was just messing with winamp3beta and it looks good.I see a future here...don't you?

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      the resize function is nice but i found it too "done and messy"
      and i couldnt get mine to read the tags.
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        yeah, i got my hands on that about 4 months ago when it was REALLY missing options and i do like that new sizing option. Also, the mixer effect is built in. NICE!! I reported something about it a while back. Ill have to get the newer vers. and see whats new since the last beta.
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          Looks really nice