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  • songs loading in Mpxplay

    Ok, I have like 19 hours of Music on my carputer, and everytime I load up mpxplay, it takes forever as it tallys up everyone of them, it adds atleast 30seconds to my boot up.
    Is there anyway to get around this?
    If you use a .m3u playlist with mpxpplay, will it still do this same thing?
    Clarion 200watt head unit w/ Aux in.
    Kicker 800watt 4 channel amp
    In a 96 Grand Prix SE.

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    startup up mpxplay with mpxplay -ini d:\mp3s\*.mp3 maybe

    A playlist doesn't effect it unless it already has the m3u info


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      I also have a lot of music on my hard drive. The primary batch file does not preload the song info, which is what slows down MPXPlay. In order to load new songs, I use the secondary batch file to preload all songs in my D drive, then escape out of MPXPlay to save the updated playlist file.


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        i recommend looking into the MXU extended playlist option that MPXPLAY has to offer (in the read me file), it generates a playlist that also has the ID3 tag info so it doesnt have to re-read it EVERY time you start up. BIG time saver, I highly recommend it.


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          Did you tell MPXPLAY not to preload the ID3 tags. I can remember the command line to do it but it makes my songs load instantly.


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            My P75 loads in 20seconds with the ID3 tags..
            Use an extended playlist...