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  • directories to playlists

    Ive read the past thread on this but I have found no good software for taking my directories and turning them into playlists, preferably one where I can select how deep it will go and what not. I've tryed Cobra but that beast keeps crashin on me so I need something else. btw Cenwesi..this was the first time I checked out cobra, thats one hell of a program man! Has everything the carputer professional could ever want. Anywho, please let me know if you have any software that can do this.

    - JustAGuy

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    have you tried albumlist? its a plugin for winamp....
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      BTW, can you tell me what u were doing when it crashed. Also What version where u running , cuz about 1week ago, i made some major modification regarding crash. It saves crash info to an error.txt file and shouldn't crash C3. Even if it crashes, it reports the error into the file.
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        The albumlist plugin can be found here