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    hi all
    i want to build a linux system for playing mp3's. if i have to i will build the op/sys from the ground up , but i will definitly be coding a frontend to mpg123.
    i was wondering if , on your travels across the net , anyone here has seen anyone describing a system that does what i want to do. which is :

    telnet/ftp daemon
    op/sys loads into ramdisk
    plays mp3s

    or maybe you have seen a better forum for information for software stuff than this forum can provide (no offence , but it seems you guys go harder on the hardware than the software. understandable if you want gps and stuff. After reading the posts in the PSU section ,i have decided to buy a power supply from arise rather than build my own , but my op/sys will be less than 10 meg (max) )

    or maybe one of you is ambitious enough to go partners in this project

    any help is apreciated

    (P.S. this site rules , some of the installs i have seen blow me away!!)
    stupid quote # 1 : "i dont do drugs , i only ever smoke pot when i'm coming down" , Me , 6 september , 2001.