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  • visual basic programming

    id like to try and write a front-end for some programs to be used on a serial character lcd (matrix orbital) 20x4 display.. i really have no idea where to start, i do know a little vb because i took a class last year

    but could someone point me in the general direction? i have no idea how i would program something like this: i want to take files and subdirectories in a directory and have those names converted to strings, and have each file / subdir displayed on 1 of the lines of the LCD, and have it highlight them as the down and up arrows are pressed to navigate through directories / select playlists to play

    id also like to write a front-end for dvd station or eugenes dvd player that would let me navigate a directory, displaying all the mpeg files

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    Im just waiting when Charles going to post a replay saying...

    "C3 is all you need"

    But yeah give that a try people recon its pretty good... I personaly havnt tryied it yet.

    System Comp V3 - In progress.
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