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  • Touchscreen Friendly Code

    I dont have a touchscreen as of yet, but i am wondering, what are some basic rules for writeing programs for people with touchscreens. Also, how hard is the system tray (icon area) hard to use with a touch screen.
    Crouching Tiger, Drunken Kitty

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    System tray is damn near impossible to use... especially for a person driving.

    Most important thing, BIG EASY TO READ BUTTONS.

    Your finger isn't the most ideal pointer to pick out pixels... make those buttons big.

    So.... what program ya making


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      definately BIG buttons that are easily identifiable
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        I use a stylus with my touch screen and dont have a lot of problems with small icons. But for quick hits and frequently used buttons BIGGER IS BETTER BABY...
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          An Auto update program, it will sync file systems between 2 computers automagically. already have a lot of wroking cod,e but i had to restart from scratch so its hella delayed. anywas, just a heads up, its called Simplicated up2date c/s.
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            How about MsgbBox's?
            Crouching Tiger, Drunken Kitty