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    you all know bout the sv24/fv24 well they are adding 3 more like it to there range same specs it seems just support for different cpus

    amd k7
    PIV with ddr
    celeron(PIV version) and tualatin

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    jesuz....what a way to suck up bandwith with that page. Thank God i have a T3 here. Dont get my wrong, it is nice and all that but i am sure who ever designed that page should have seriously considered making a text or plain version.
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      hmm one of the barebones seems to have 5.1 audio, digital flat pannel support, hardware dvd decoder.
      I don't think that's as small as the was the one for p4 cpu.
      this must be one mean machine.
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        Grrr... why won't any of these tiny systems support AMD?

        I can get an AMD 1.4 Ghz for the price of a P3 733


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          I think the small boards tend to be included in small flexATX cases, and they tend to be cooled by a giant passive heatsink with maybe a seperate fan blowing air around inside the case. A lower P3 or Celeron is probably going to deal with that better than a t-bird. Just a theory of course.

          edit: Never mind.. the SK31 is going to hve a socket A board in it. There goes THAT theory.

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            I like my MSI K7T Turbo limited.
            with a duron 700 @ 1.3G 390 meg ram its SWEEET!!!!!MSI K7T


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              Are there any online shops that have the fv24 board, and will ship to international addresses?

              I'm in New Zealand and no-body can get the board in



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                Originally posted by Arby:
                <STRONG>Grrr... why won't any of these tiny systems support AMD?

                I can get an AMD 1.4 Ghz for the price of a P3 733 </STRONG>
                The SK31 from that site (bottom right hand corner) supports amd socket a, athalon/athalon xp/duron and has ddr ram, dvd decoding, 5.1 audio and looks like it has 2 pci slots!

                looks awsome. also the athalon xp are alot less heat generated to normals ones.

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                  this is somewhat small for a AMD chip.slim pc
                  Eopx mother board

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                    the SK31 above i was talking bout should the same size as the sv24 as its made to fit in the same aluminium case.

                    dont knwo if its out, doubt it, looking forward to it!