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GATSO Hunter v0.1 (Beta) - Standalone speed camera detection

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  • GATSO Hunter v0.1 (Beta) - Standalone speed camera detection

    Evening folks!

    Thought I'd share something with you that I've been working on for the past couple of weeks. A program that performs standalone speed camera detection!

    It's called GATSO Hunter and is working very well for me at the moment. However, in the interests of making it more robust I thought I'd let you lot loose on it!

    Firstly some basic requirements:

    1. Windows! It works with just a single EXE in Windows XP SP2. It's not using any fancy ActiveX components so I'm hoping it will also work on Win2k and maybe Win98.
    2. A GPS that supports GPGGA and GPVTG. I had to manually enable GPVTG on my GPS. If a large number of people come back to me and say "I can't use it cos I don't have GPVTG sentences" then I'll modify it. GPVTG was just the quick and easy way!
    3. MSCOMM32.OCX in your system32 folder and registered (see posts below)


    1. Monitors the closest cameras to you for low CPU usage. (Well.. unless you're in a big city and there's just loads of cameras everywhere)

    2. Audio announcement of approaching speed cameras AND announcement of the limit.. if available

    3. Lowers volume in Winamp during announcements (and ALWAYS returns it to 100% afterwards.. so watch out for that)

    4. Cameras that you're facing take precedence over (closer) cameras beind you and to the sides


    How to install:

    1. Extract zip file to a folder of your choice, KEEP ALL THE FILES TOGETHER
    2. Edit GATSO Hunter.ini and change the COMPORT setting to match your system
    3. Run GATSO Hunter.exe

    Settings available:

    Radius in kilometres, from the current position, that you want to monitor cameras. After moving (CLOSEZONE - 1) kilometres from your current position the program recalculates the close cameras.

    You will be warned about any cameras that are closer than this value (in kilometres)

    Number of degrees to the right and to the left of your current heading to look for cameras in.

    The com port your GPS is on.

    Baud rate etc

    Name of the CSV file with the camera data in it

    Camera Data File:

    The file included is the same as the one from Map Monkey EXCEPT I have removed the first line with the descriptions. If you update the CSV you MUST remove the first line..

    Running alongside other software:

    I've tested this with GPSGate and it worked a treat. You can leave GATSO Hunter running in the background and fire up Map Monkey as and when you need navigation.

    Couldn't get it working with XPort2 though. Not sure why. Let me know how it goes folks.

    Download link:



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    I just tried to run it and i get the error...

    Component "MSCOMM32.OCX" or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid.

    Running Windows XP SP2 fresh install...
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      So are people able to run this?

      I'm very new to distributing software to others so I'm not sure how to work out which other files people will need. OCX's etc etc.

      PS. I just had an email to say that someone had replied to this thread (with an error re. MSCOMM32.OCX) but I can't see that reply here. Odd

      [Edit] - Now it's appeared!


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        I just downloaded it and it all seems ok, and i dont get a MSCOMM32.OCX error.

        I havn' yet tried it in the car, so I cant give much feedback on how it performed.


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          I Also tried to install it, and did get the message " component mscomm32.ocx or one of its dependencies not found......." ,

          to solve this you have to register the file go to the command line (start, run) and type in

          regsvr c:\windows\system\mscomm32.ocx

          then the file will be in your registery, and the program can run

          of course the file must be installed it can be downloaded from

          unzip it to the \system directory

          have fun with it
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            Well done, but it's not that original...



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              Originally posted by stevieg
              Hmmm.. I did look for a program like this before I started my own. I couldn't find any! Oh well!

              I prefer mine (cos I can add whatever I want to it!!)


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                Originally posted by Engram
                Hmmm.. I did look for a program like this before I started my own. I couldn't find any! Oh well!

                I prefer mine (cos I can add whatever I want to it!!)

                Other one hasn`t been updated for ages- so please keep yours available for download as it progresses


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                  Originally posted by organasised
                  Other one hasn`t been updated for ages- so please keep yours available for download as it progresses

                  I will!

                  Next things on my todo list are:

                  1. Button and form to add your own speed cameras
                  2. Audio announcement of GPS status (ie. if you have no fix you probably need to know about it before you started bombing it down the motorway!)
                  3. Ability to disable audio warnings when speed is below a certain threshold
                  4. er.. I'll think of some more!


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                    Version 0.2 is pretty much there. I want to give it a proper test (ie.. in the car) before I post it. I'm snowed in today but hopefully in the next few days I'll be able to test it out and then upload it for you guys.

                    New functionality includes:

                    All 3 things in the post above ;-)