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Same setup, same problems

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  • Same setup, same problems

    I have the same configuration and I ran into some very similar issues. I was using the trident and I ended up taking it back to dealer cause the B/W thing just got worse as time went on. sure enough when it did that b/w it locked up.

    I'm using IRDOS and I'm not having any extreme problems. The IRDOS program is a little flaky. It will cause my computer to lock up if I send too many commands at once or after a couple hours of play it will lock. You might want to play around with loading stuff into high memory. I read somewhere that you can load into high memory.

    Ever tried to boot up without your video card? My system is functional with the exception of the lcd. MPXFTSR starts up, but I don't see any of my song info once the video card is removed. I think MPXF is accessing the eq and song info from the screen buffer. I want to get this working cause I need my system to be < 2" tall and I don't want to buy another right angle adapter for the video card.

    Honda Civic
    Pentium 133 16 MB
    Sound Blaster AWE64 Gold
    10 GB HDD (Just say no to Maxtor EZ-Bios)
    DC-DC Supply
    Soon to be eliminated FM Modulator

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    it's all about onboard everything. you can get a motherboard with onboard video/sound/lan for fairly cheap these days. try looking into it.
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