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New Winamp control plug-in

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  • New Winamp control plug-in

    Is there an easy way to write a Winamp plug-in?
    I want to make one that will let me control Winamp with Sony's steering wheel joystick connected on the gameport.


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      Is there an easy way to write a Winamp plug-in?
      Depends how good you are with MSVC, I've been trying to write a plugin for a while now with no joy.

      If you can get your head round the SDK your sorted.

      I've tried to find stuff on the web but it all expectes you to understand the SDK. I've also tried there news groups, again with no luck

      The link Maveric gave is the best I've found.

      If you do get it working please let me know as, I'd definately be interested.

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