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Mp3 Car player administration with notebook

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  • Mp3 Car player administration with notebook


    i ask`in for a advice... maybe u got same problems.

    Problem is how to administrate PC without bringin it to home and connectin it to normal display. I got notebook (networked) and CarPC (networked).

    I`m using Lorty soft.
    when i use winamp as shell, how i could make connection (like PC anywhere program)? maybe got better idea what soft to use?

    Is there any soft or cable to connect notebooks screen/keyb as CarPC relate?

    thanks for help ...
    Intel Pentium 200Mhz,HDD 1.3GB,64MB,AWE 64, LanCard, hacked keyboard, Lorty Soft/win98, Video 500kb, LCD 4*40, 12V-12V PSU

    Planing: 20GB HDD, 7" LCD

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      My vote goes to VNC as well. It will run as a service regardless of your shell.
      Player: Pentium 166MMX, Amptron 598LMR MB w/onboard Sound, Video, LAN, 10.2 Gig Fujitsu Laptop HD, Arise 865 DC-DC Converter, Lexan Case, Custom Software w/Voice Interface, MS Access Based Playlists
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