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    Anyone know of an app that would automatically sync new files when the network is connected?

    For people using wired networks this would mean it would sync as soon as the cable is connected. For wireless users it would mean as soon as you come within range it would sync. I am aware of file sync programs such as FileSync but all that I have found require some sort of user intervention.

    I found some VB code that monitors the connection status of an Ethernet adapter. Therefore, if nothing like this is available it shouldn’t be to hard to write. Is anyone interested in something like this?

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      I'd like to see that VB code. I've been toying with this for a while. I would like to go wireless as well. My idea was to ping the server every few seconds, and when it stops timing out, wait a few more seconds, ping again to make sure, and then start syncing...The price of wireless stuff is coming down so much that it's almost practicle...
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        i know this might sound stupid, but i could probably script it in mirc. it would have a timer that would check the status of a \\share every few seconds, and then once found, go through a loop that would check the files and copy ones that are necessary. it's really not that hard to do.
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          That is a whole program to monitor an network adapter. The part that is of interest is where it can detect the six connection states of the adapter.

          Perhaps that can be combined with this file sync code to make an one program to handle everything.


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            The easiest way would just be to ping the machine you want to connect to, and if it responds, check for new files. You could do this is software (VB, VC++, etc...) or even in a batch file [maybe].


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              If anyone ever pulls off an automated solution, PLEASE let me know!
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                Right - try the Beta sync software I just wrote, just to show it can be done in VB in not a lot of time! The software checks for the connection via a tcp ip ping. The actual syncing of files hasn't been done yet (read: it's still in beta so I didn't include it). It allows you to run a program when the connection is made. Have a play around and let me know how you get on. All comments can be e-mailed to me on Andrew[nospam] (simply remove the [NOSPAM]). Bare in mind that this is still beta. The final software will be included in my mp3 car software, Mediabox.

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                P.S. If you run another copy of the app while it is already running, it instantly attempts to sync, bypassing the delay
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                  We have two treads open on the same topic. I'm gonna close this one and go with the newer one.

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