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Remote Playlist Manager for Frodoplayer - 1.0 Beta 1

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  • Remote Playlist Manager for Frodoplayer - 1.0 Beta 1

    I've created a utility for editing Frodoplayer music playlists and database from a machine not running Frodoplayer. Why, you ask? So none of us have to sit in our cold cars customizing playlists on tiny 7" LCD's!

    What it does:
    Add new music to Frodoplayer
    Edit or create new playlists
    Edit your Favorites menu

    How to use it:
    1) Copy files from your carputer
    Copy MediaLib.mdb from Frodoplayer's install folder
    Copy any playlists you want to edit from the Playlist folder under Frodoplayer
    2) Press "Load Frodo Database" button to load the db
    3) Edit/Create Playlists
    Press the button of your choosing
    Double click files to add/remove, or use the buttons at the bottom
    4) Add new files
    Press the Add Files button.
    It will ask you for the location of the files.
    Note that when you have finished, you must copy those files (not the selected folder) to your carputer's Media folder (defined by the DB_ROOT parameter in Frodoplayer.ini). A reminder popup will be displayed when you exit.
    5) Copy files back to Frodoplayer (MediaLib, any edited playlist files, and new music files)
    6) Start Frodoplayer! (no need to Sync/Build the database)

    Beta Test Notes:
    The program works well for me, but then again, I made it! So, please test it out and reply here with any bugs, feature requests, or other comments. You may also want to back up your MediaLib database and any playlists you edit.
    The Console window has been left enabled on purpose - if you see any exceptions, copy the console output and send to me in a PM.

    .NET Framework Runtime V1.1
    If you don't have XPsp2, get the installer here:

    The Files: (console window version) (no console window version)

    To Be Added:
    CHM Help file in progress

    Posted version without console window
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    i'm sure that will be a great help.. thanks!
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      I would definetely use this if i had a good file sync program, than the karenware sync utilty


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        My next generation Front End is right on schedule.
        It will be done sometime in the next generation.
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          Originally posted by M^ck^y
          I would definetely use this if i had a good file sync program, than the karenware sync utilty
          If you don't have an identical install of Frodo on your desktop as your carputer, karenware won't work for you. My app is designed to remotely edit playlists reguardless of the machine you're running on. Trade a couple files with the guys at work... Just copy, add the files, and re-copy.

          Frodo - great piece of work, your app is. But, why on earth did you make tblFav different from tblMP3? Sure, the master files are located in tblMP3, but the different columns caused all sorts of heck for me... And figuring out that videos are sync'd each time frodo starts was a funny surprise! I had a ton of code written to handle both Music and Video, then I figure out that video isn't handled through the db! Ha!
          Great app, though! Just thought I'd share some aggrivating experiences.

          CarPC Stolen. Starting over.
          Ne1 recognize the avatar?


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            Just tried, works beautifully . For those who have exact copy of frodo on desktop/car then would be nice to be able to listen to the songs... specially for tracks with unknown title


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              Good work!