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Setting Up a MP3 car

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  • Setting Up a MP3 car

    Hey all,

    I am a little new to this board. I have an old Packard Hell system that I am looking to put in to my truck. Here's the specs: 200 MMX, 32MB Ram, 8GB HD, 52x CD-Rom, Snd, USB, ATI Mach64. I am looking to see about putting linux on this machine. What flavor might run the best on the limited memory? I have set this up as a workstation before on a machine. However, I dont really know how to go and downsize Linux so that it boots quickly and supports either the IRMAN and/or numeric keypad. I really need to know where to start and how to get past the login at the begining (this has had me baffled for quite some time). Also what player would work with these controls?

    PS-Dont make this into Windows Vs. Linux debate. I just want to know how to go about setting it up.
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    This is all stuff that has been posted before, and I urge you to make use of the handy-dandy search feature.

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