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Need help with prepping dos for install

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  • Need help with prepping dos for install

    Hi, this is my first post and have been viewing these boards for about a week now. I have gone through the archives but cannot find the answer to my problems. (So I am asking for a little bit of help):

    1) How do I get Dos to load MPxPlay on startup?

    2) Does MPxPlay automatically rip the cd's you put into your drive?

    3) If the above is true, does it rip both MP3s and WAV files?

    4)I forget it now, but you can be sure I will come back with it later.

    Thanks for helping the average newbie,

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    1) Put a something like MPXPLAY -your options yourplaylist.m3u in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file (in your C:\)

    2/3) I don't think so but i am not sure

    Hope i helped a bit