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smallest install of win98se?

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  • smallest install of win98se?

    who here has installed win98se below 128mb of HDD? I'm looking at doing a solid state drive install and a usb CDROM data disc thing.
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    i have mine down to 95mb... i had win95 down as low as 80mb... i experimented deleting the system32 folderin in windows directory, since they seemed to be duplicate files of system directory... i gained around 20mb right there... other than that, i deleted absolutely everything, even calculator!

    And my system was reliable and never crashed.
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      Cool... Thanks for the reply... that is cool cuz I'm going to look for Compact Flash or Smart Media adapters that plug straight into IDE... see if I can use two, one on master for OS and one on slave for swap since swap will kill Solid state media and this will minimize reads from the OS/Configuration drive... and then put mp3s on a usb CDRom it was my original idea, but I abandoned it until people posted about compact flash IDE adapters...
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        check out
        you can do a micro install of 98se which is like 50MB or so and VERY fast bootup.
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          REally? I use 98lite on my desktop... I didn't know they had a smaller faster setup... a must-see appy
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            Or you can use a linux distro.
            I've seen a single floppy disk that would boot and had the programs to play mp3s
            So under 1.44 megs
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              Originally posted by King Snake:
              <STRONG>i had win95 down as low as 80mb... </STRONG>
              80Meg for Win95? That's huge. I've had it down to 40 Meg, 50 including IE. And I really didn't do anything special.
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