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Anyone else mess around with XUL and Mozilla development?

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  • Anyone else mess around with XUL and Mozilla development?

    It's pretty cool stuff although still "young" so there's not much support besides the reference docs. Basically you can make GUI's using XML and JavaScript. Components can be written using XPCOM (gee, how original.. ) and you can even use ActiveX objects and browser plugins. It's not as straight forward as .NET, but it seems pretty good and very fast considering it's interpreted!!

    It got me thinking... since Windows Media Player, .NET, and IE are pretty big hogs... how about a front end written in XUL?? I was actually considering doing this in dynamic HTML through IE, but I think XUL could be more capable for making an actual client-side app. So far I've got a simple test XUL that reads in a skin for one of the existing frontends. Loads instantly. For media I'm using videolan plugin. The scriptable interface is pretty limited though and there's hardly any documentation on it. I may have to look for something else, but I'm not too familiar with what's available in the "free" software world. I can load and play files, dvd's, etc. but I can't figure out how to activate visualizations through script. I can use MapPoint through the object tag and use JavaScript to control it. This could very well end up being too limited for a full front end, but truthfully I'm more interested in the process of messing with this XUL stuff. There's no XUL IDE yet so it's all by hand...
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