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  • Auto Shutdown Software......

    I am working on my CAJUN power supply. Does anyone know if there is a version of the autoshutdown software for Windows98?? I am sure it wouldnt be hard to duplicate, although I am not a software guy.


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    Check out

    They have a win98 plugin that lets you do shutdown stuff. How hard is it to build a auto shutdown unit?


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      as far as concerns with shutting down the computer properly... why spend so much money on the autoshutdown unit when all you need is a macro program? or is this flawwed reasoning...


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        Hi, why don't you just take linux and mount your HD readonly. So you can turn off the unit whenever you want. It works fine for me, and it's much more reliable than win****


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          I just hacked a ugly small page together to explain my setup. Have a look, if you want at:


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            I have a small program (written by a programmer friend) that when used with the Winamp keypad plugin, shuts Win9* down when the "/" key is pressed!
            Anyone wanting this program (which sits in the startup menu) please e-mail me at [email protected]


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              You could try using DOS and MPXplay
              DOS doesn't care if you shut it off and it boots pretty fast. I've had it go from car ignition to playing audio in under 30 seconds before. In the house it's faster about 23-25 seconds (it'd be even faster if i removed 32 megs of ram and left it with 16)

              is the homepage for MPXplay which I personally believe to be the best DOS mp3 player available.

              -Frank Grayson
              [email protected]


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                I am running windows 98 and have just been shutting it down by removing the power (not shutting it down properly). I have been doing this for about a year now and havn't had any problems, Should I be having problems?


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                  you can write a simple VB proggie to assign any specific key to power down the computer. i have the source code if you need it.