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  • Best mp3 DOS player

    I was wondering if anyone new of a really good DOS mp3 player.

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    I think the best DOS player is MPXPlay. I don't have the web page for it offhand, but I'm sure you can find it.
    I've spent the last several months writing software for my car MP3 player to use MPXPlay. It works very nicely, I just have to work out a few bugs. I personally refuse to run Windows and Winamp, since it is so limited to just playlists.
    My software allows you to play single songs, and playlists. It allows you to search for any song (from ID3 tag) by Artist, Song Name, and Album. You can then add several songs to a playlist as well as save this to disk for later use. I also have genre filtering included as well. I believe its the best interface for any MP3 player that I've seen. I just finished the IR code, and I'm working out all the bugs. Hopefully I will finish it soon so other people can test it. Right now it outputs to my 2 line LCD, but I would want it to support 4 line, since a lot of people have this.


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      Where can I get this DOS program that plays mp3s as well as outputs to a LCD screen ?


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        ok, anyone know of a dos or win player what has support to output to lcd AND allows broswing of songs or dirs in some way or fashion?


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          Well, for a dos frontend that uses MPXplay
          and lets you browse w/ output to lcd, try
          <A HREF=> AMP </A>.

          The best would be a winamp plugin that would
          output to the LCD while browsing directories.
          I much prefer the AMP frontend (good job you guys), but my sound card (laptop) does not work with MPXplay.


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            joshgray, When I finish with my software, mine will work in DOS, and support browsing of dirs, etc and working with the LCD.

            Bab, The AMP frontend is too simple, and doesn't look that great. It could be done much better.

            Its so hard to find time to finish my software, since school has started again. I really want to get it semi-complete so I can release a first version. If anyone is interested in it, send me an email: [email protected]


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              I am currently using MPXPlay in my car, and I think it is absolutely the best MP3 player for DOS...the way it was written is perfect for keypad use, all the controls are there. The only problem I had with it was the lack of LCD support, so if anyone here gets a front-end working, PLEASE email me at [email protected] The MPXPlay website is for anyone is interested.


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                you can get a 9.4" monochrome 640x480 VGA LCD panel and cables and a ISA VGA LCD controller card for your computer for $90 from


                i'm using it and it works for everything

                it's great in the car for MPXplay.

                forget about the tiny LCD character displays
                just save up more for the screen it's worth it.

                -Frank Grayson


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                  I couldn't get on with MPXplay and AMP.

                  Instead I wrote my own front end in Turbo Pascal 6.0 which handles the systems side will the BEST DOS MP3 player is DAMP from Matt Craven.

                  He has added loads of requested features which makes it ideal for car jukeboxes.

                  It has redefinable joystick and keypad support. It even drives an LCD 2X16 display from the parallel port. It is well optimised and even plays at full quality on my P90.

                  It also gives a fantastic beat-synced light show.

                  It is vert good quality output, can handle Sonique and Winamp play lists and drives ESS and SoundBlaster 16 outputs.

                  His web site is:


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                    I have to disagree about the output quality. I ran the program side by side with winamp... winamp blew it away in overall quality and speed. I could hear a BIG difference in headphones. I also made sure damp was set to q 0.

                    Don't get me wrong, it looks like it has quite a bit of potential... I just think the decoding engine it is written around seems to be a little lacking.


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                      To ensure the absolute best sound quality in DAMP you should edit DAMP.ini and in the "[sound]" section, set "quality" to 2, and "sb_freq" to 45545, as well as using the -q 0 option.

                      Matt Craven, Hedgehog Software.


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                        Thank you for the info. You know what they say when you assume... <grin>

                        I'll see how it works. Like I said the program looks great (especially the joystick control option) so far.


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                          I really should put something in the docs about "getting the best sound quality", as this is becoming a FAQ :-)

                          Thanks for your comments,
                          Matt Craven, Hedgehog Software.


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                            Hey, I give you credit for at least getting out there and listening to the people. Some software programmers think their product is flawless and won't even bother to listen to anyone regarding.

                            Thanks again!


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                              Well, What did I say?

                              DAMP kicks *** and keeps getting better!