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Dos and the ESS chip

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  • Dos and the ESS chip

    Has anyone gotten a dos mp3 player to work with an ESS soundcard?

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    I have a board w/ the ESS1488 chip on it running my system. The comp. is not yet installed in my car, but it seems to be working fine in dos on the bench. I have some noticeable background static but I think that may be a grounding/sheilding issue.
    Still working the bugs out, but it does work
    pretty well, even on my 486-overdrive. The
    system hovers at about 50-60% cpu usage while playing.


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      What software are you using?


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        Well, I was using MPXPLAY and <a href="">AMP2</a>.
        However, I found out the reason I had so much static. It turns out that the 1488 chip is only 8bit. I couldn't find out any info on the chip and I assumed it was SB16 compat.
        Oh well, so much for using this old system (at least it was free).
        I hope you have one of the ESS16XX or 18XX chips.


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          I have the 1686 or whatever it is, but i can't get mpxplay to play through it. Can't figure it out...


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            Do you get any error messages?
            Does mpxplay run but no sound?
            How did you configure the sound card?
            I got the sound to work by simply adding
            the SET BLASTER tags in the autoexec.