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    I am a big fan of markus zendhe's (sp?) plugin. I recently programmed the numeric keys 0-9 and the + key on my remote to simulate those keys and use the plugin to select +2901+ would go to song 2901 but only keys 1-4 work...5-9 show up as the 1 key even though theyre programmed to what they should be...any ideas?

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    i need a plugin that will allow me to do this using standard keys (not the keypad) anyone have any ideas? (1=Y 2=U 3=I 4=H 5=J 6=K ...)



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      The easiest (well for me) way that I found to control my box was to take an old keyboard and then hack it apart and solder switches to the controller, it's time consuming but was quite easy.

      I would think that you could find a macro program like HotKey to set 1 = Y. That program has the ability to "record keystrokes" and assign that value to the key you first pressed.

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        Did you try the newest version of the plugin?
        He updated how the keys are used...I dont know about playing a song using the +###+ keypad buttons...never tried that.
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