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New MP3 software - MPXF!

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  • New MP3 software - MPXF!

    Hey everyone,after 6 months of programming I just released my frontend software,MPXF, for MPXPlay! MPXPlay is an MP3 player in DOS which has excellent keypad support.

    My Frontend offers the following features:

    - LCD support. Currently supported is LCD using Hitachi HD44780 interfaced with the parallel port.
    - Full keypad support
    - Custom built ID3 database of songs allows very in depth searching of songs by Artist, Song Name, or Album!
    - Very in depth playlist support with features that allow the user load, save, edit, and create custom playlists all from the frontend using the keypad! (You won't see Winamp do this!)
    - User customizable Genre Support! Driving down the road with a random song shuffle, but only want to hear good ole rock and roll ? In a snap this can be done.
    - Much more!

    Basically it does everything Winamp does, plus a whole lot more. Right now the software is beta and needs to be tested. You can get it at

    Let me know what you guys think.

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    Well, it's about time somebody adds decent database support to an MP3 program. I haven't tried your software yet, but I do have some questions. Does your software support bigger LCD screens, like 4x40 or 4x20? Does it allow you to configure how you want information displayed on the screen? What features do you plan to include in subsequent releases?


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      Right now, my software supports 2 line LCDs, but that will change very soon, as I plan to add 4 line LCD support within the next week or two. I just need some people to test out some code for 4 line LCDs.
      Yes, it does allow you to configure what you want displayed on each of the lines while the MP3 is playing. You can also change the info for any line while it is playing. :-)

      I really wrote the software to basically handle everything that a user could want in a car mp3 system. There are so many of you out there that use Winamp, and are stuck with whatever plugins it can take. Well, this is so very sad, because Winamp is so very limited. Its a great player, don't get me wrong, but a user should be able to do so much more than to just skip around tracks with a keypad.
      I plan to add as many features and options to the software as possible. IR support is already possible as well.



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        Does it support IRMan ?


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          Yes, it supports IRMAN. The new version of MPXPlay allows you to redefine the keys as well, which makes it even better for keypad support.


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            I know that this thread is 5 years old... I was just wondering if anything of this sort still exists.



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              Originally posted by Dwiel
              I know that this thread is 5 years old... I was just wondering if anything of this sort still exists.

              The program I'm working on called Tiny Music Embedded is based on my love for MPXPlay. Since MPXPlay needs legacy sound support in DOS and the newer Via EPIA Mini-ITX boards don't support it, I am making a Windows version.

              Still a work in progress, but all the input support is there. Need to get a character LCD before I can program that into the code.


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                There's MpXT. It's based on the source code that was released when Coldblood stopped development on MPXF. It's kind of a work in progress but most things do work, using the current version of MPXPlay. There's a link to it on my homepage. If all goes well I should have a new beta version ready in a week or two.


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                  I think MPXT could be perfect for my carputer, but I am having a lot of trouble getting it working. Is there any documentation on the program? I already had to find copies of MPXPlay and DOS4GW.EXE to download, and the thing still doesn't work.


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                    There really isn't much for documentation in MPXF or MpXT, except for the comments in the config files.

                    In addition to downloading/unzipping MPXPlay, the configuration files in MpXT need to be edited. The most important ones are:

                    mpxtlcd.cfg - in here you basically tell the program what kind of LCD display you're using
                    mpxttsr.cfg - tells the program what you want displayed on the lcd while MPXPlay is running in the foreground
                    mpxt.cfg - The [Player Section] portion of this file is the most important. It tells MpXT where MPXPlay is on your hard drive, and where MpXT's playlist and database directories are located.


                    Getting started:

                    Step 1: Configure MPXPlay but leave the LCD functions in the mpxplay.ini file disabled. Copy an audio file to the hard drive and try using MPXPlay to play it. If sound comes out of your speakers, proceed to step 2.

                    Step 2: Configure MpXT, by editing MpXT's configuration files. These three are the most important:

                    Step 3: Run mpxttsr.exe. You should see an intro, with the MpXT logo, on the lcd display. If you don't, check your lcd configuration in mpxtlcd.cfg, then reboot and repeat step 3. Once the lcd display is working properly, proceed to step 4.

                    Step 4: Run MpXT. Explore the various options and make sure everything is working properly. If you're having problems at this point, exit out of the program and take a look at the configuration in mpxt.cfg, then repeat step 4.

                    Hope this helps


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                      Is there anywhere do download MPXF these days?

                      I saw that he started giving it away at the end of its production but I never thought the website with the file would be gone. I bought an earlier version from him way back when it was still in development. I have the CD but figured the newest version would be better.
                      I got no results from searching this forum.
                      - - - - - -
                      ok, I found it.



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                        Wow im damn interested about these kind of players.


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                          Wow, this thread is three years old....
                          Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
                          How about the Wiki?

                          Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.


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                            three years old? the first post was in 1999!!!
                            Never let the truth get in the way of a good story


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                              Originally posted by meddler View Post
                              three years old? the first post was in 1999!!!
                              Yeah, but the last post prior to the resurrection was July '04....
                              Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
                              How about the Wiki?

                              Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.