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  • Dos Networking???

    I'm using a Dos based mp3 player and am wanting to use a network card to add more mp3's. However I do not know where to get software in Dos for this.
    It would be best if it could be used through Windows on one computer and Dos on the other.

    If anybody knows of a system like this, or has maybe written one could you please tell me.
    [email protected]

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    Not many people know how to do this, or have access to the software.

    Microsoft networking can be set up for dos and windows of all versions.

    If you have access to a NT server, there is a utility in the admin tools to create a network boot disk. You select your card, and protocol, and it creates a disk with all the software needed.

    Problem is, it's an old utility, hasn't been updated to new cards in a long time, and doesn't always work without you getting into the protocol.ini under the net directory and hacking it a little, and you may have to patch in drivers downloaded from your NIC

    the protocol.ini is fairly straightforward, username= , network=, protocol=...

    Talk to someone in your area who's been doing NT server support for more than a few years and you can probably get your hands on
    a disk.



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      The best DOS networking software I've seen is Fastlynx 2.0.
      It has split screen file transfers (host on left, client on right side) which makes it very easy to transfer between computers. It supports IPX, Serial, and Parallel transfers. Very nice piece of software.

      For more info look at



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        Thanks Scott I'll check that out.


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          I use Win95a but boot into DOS mode to play MP3's. I can then exit from playing and run Win.exe to run windows to gain network access. (win95a is win95 without IE and consumes only 30Mb)



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            I am using a lap-link network connection in DOS with the parallel port.

            I can't remember where I downloaded it, but if you search for DOS, FREEWARE/SHAREWARE and DOWNLOADS then you should find several sites that match.


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              bluescreen4u: I set up some microsoft networking software (not exactly the one that comes with NT but similar) I can access other computers from the mp3 box using the "net use" command, but have not figured out how to share the drive so I can push mp3's down to it. If you know of a way to share a DOS drive, please let me know.


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       provides the free "Caldera Open DOS" which has many useful features :
                - DOS networking (based on Novell Network)
                - smaller memory managers
                - smaller mscdex.exe
                etc !!!


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                  I checked their site and could not find OpenDos. I found DR Dos and downloaded it as it says it supports networking as well. I'll let you know how it works.


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                    Where did you find it? (URL plz) I spent a whole lunch hour going around in circles and when I finally thought I'd found it the link was dated 97 and dead...



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                      Meatball - can we have the url to DRdos plz?


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                        Sorry I took so long...I don't check this forum as often...the url is ...hope it works for ya...


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                          does anyone know if dr dos supports long file names?

                          i dont really want to go through all my mp3's just to see if they have id3 tags or not (i suppose i could write something to do it for me though but i would rather not mess with it if i didnt have to)


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                            I just installed it last night, and noticed that it does support FAT32 and networking. I'll post back later today on the long filenames when I work on it some more...


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                              Yes, caldera doens´t offer DRDOS anymore. This is curious, because DRDOS changed his owner now the third time (Novell->Caldera->Lineo)

                              Ok, for long-filename support try this one :
                              LFN Tools v1.36 (
                              I never tested it, but i think i should work ;]