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  • WinAmp Plugin for File Management

    I was just wondering if there were any plugins for winamp that would let you play a playlist just by pressing something on a keypad.. For instance, if I have 4 playlists on my HD, I could press +1+ or whatever to play one, +2+ to play two, etc... Anybody have anything that does this?

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    I don't have a plugin that does what you are asking for but what i've been building is a front end GUI "file-manager-like" app that uses WinAmp as the audio player.

    My app doesn't currently support .m3u's but it wouldn't take but a couple of minutes to add that in.

    If you are interested you can find an old screenshot of the app here:
    <a href=""></a>

    I have re-done a few things and will try to put new pics up tonight.

    I should have the app completed enough to use by this weekend - there are still some others things I want to add...

    Let me know if this is something you might be looking for.


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      This sounds great... Let me know when you have more information available! Thanks!


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        It would be cool if you made it work well with IRman. :O)


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          It's just perfect! Please let me know when you'll be done.


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            This looks perfect. If you could e-mail me at [email protected] when you have it ready, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!


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              I said it first!


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                Ok, you can download a beta version of the application and try it out:
                <a href=""></a>