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  • VB and MediaPlayer

    I want to write a VB app to use a car player software since it has a directX control to meidaPlayer that plays almost every file I can think of. You might be thinking Media player sucks compared to WinAmp but it will allow easy file management with dasebase control along with quick program design. I plan on using serial communication using one Pic microcontoller to contol a standard 4X20 Hatichi LCD,with software control contrast using PWM, backlighting, IR Input, IR Output(to relay commands to radio deck),and autoshut down. Since the Pic will require too much prograrming to use a 16f84 I plan on using the new Flash pic that as built PWM, Serial comm, and plenity of extra I/O's. Using VB it will allow me easy communcation over a serial port without need for multiple plugins. I know how to write C++ code but have no idea on writing c++ windows dll for Winamp. I think VB will easier to manage and allow me to make a easier frontend on both the computer side and LCD side. While thats it, if you have any comments or ideas please reply.

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    WinAMP comes with a frontend.txt that explains in great detail how to get at all of the functions using C++. If you're really intent on using VB, there's something out there called Wabafel that is a set of commands for Visual Basic that will do the same thing. Also, the WinAMP <a href="">web site</a> has quite a few SDKs and such, mostly for C++ or Delphi, that should make it very easy to do just about anything you want.


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      just fyi...

      I threw together a C++ wrapper class for WinAmp in about 15 minutes. I built a front end controller for WinAmp because I wanted special file management that WinAmp didn't do.

      The file manager is an exe not a dll. The only problem with not doing a dll is that you don't have the ability to access the internal playlist that WinAmp is using (and some other small details). I get around this by tightly controlling what WinAmp is playing accessing my copy of the playlist to display to the user.

      What I did in C++ could easily be done in VB, it appears lots of people are doing it...


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        I found this site, maybe it'll help:

        <a href=""></a>