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dos boot disk required........can someone help?

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  • dos boot disk required........can someone help?

    Here is my scenario.
    Im running Win Me. I have Winamp as the shell. From time to time I need to change back to the Explorer shell. I dont have a floppy drive in the car, but I do have a CD Rom. So........I want to ask one of you tech heads if you could make me a bootable CD with a recent version of dos, that has all of the commands like EDIT and such, and email me the ISO of the disk so I can convert it back onto a cd with Nero.

    I guess it shouldnt be bigger than a floppy disk in size. Will it?

    If someone can help me Id be really happy,


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    if your just after dos boot disks try this site...

    unreal site to have in your fave's has saved me SOOOOOO many times with computer OS installs.... every version of DOS in a self running .exe.. just chuck in a floppy and makes a boot disc...

    once that is done, you could then use nero/cdrwin/others to make a CD-R boot image from the DOS bootdisc you have made

    hope that helps.
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      Will give it a go, Thanks.


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          If you have EZ CD creator, you can make a bootable CD easily.
          Just pick it under the file option and it will ask you for the boot floppy disk. It then converts that to a bootable CD format then you burn it.
          I would send you the iso but my CD-RW and main computer is down because I'm waiting for a vid card in the mail - a GF3 Ti200.
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