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So who wrote some cool software out there?

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  • So who wrote some cool software out there?

    I've been looking around quite a bit at the different MP3 players people have come up with out there. Most of the pages seem to be dominated by pictures of their install. I was wondering if anyone has seen any cool software out there that someone has written specifically for their MobileMP3. I have my software mostly done. I am working on hotlists and a way to keep track of how many times each song is played so that you can have an 'automatic' hotlist... Just play the top 100 or whatever... Here is my web site. I have outlined most of what my software does, and I have pictures to demonstrate how I pick songs to listen to.

    Thanks for the info and/or any comments!


    PS. So far, the only software I was impressed with is Hugo's and the CAJUN.

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    OK, got a little ahead of myself... Here is the my website... =)



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      Lowlife, nice job writing your own! I'll take a look at it in a bit. I agree that there is a lack of software out there! Thats why I wrote my own as well. I agree that so many people are making their own web page, and just running Windows/Winamp with plugins. Its the same thing over and over.

      You should check out my software, as well.It does more than the CAJUN does, and it runs in DOS. I think you'll be impressed with it as well.

      I really wish would make a section devoted to software. After seeing all the Winamp pages out there, I would really like to know what else is out there. As far as I'm concerned, the only reason to run Winamp, is if you have a TFT LCD.

      Just my opinion...



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        It's nice to see that someone else is doing something besides just throwing a computer in their car. =) The software section on my page is lacking right now. I will be updating it and revamping it in the next week or so... You might want to check it out then. It will probably make a little more sense then, although the pictures do give you a pretty good idea of how the basic browse/cue feature works...

        I am interested in how you did your database stuff. Mine is just a giant flat file that basically contains all of the filenames of the mp3s along with thier respective ID3 tag info. It uses a numbering convention to rename the mp3 files...


        aaaa is the artist number
        bb is the album number
        cc is the track number

        Of course the user never sees this number. I have the database rebuilt each time you add new mp3s. When the mp3 player starts, it looks in the upload directory first. If it finds anything there, then it reads in the ID3 tags and checks to see if that artist or album or track already exists. If not, it adds a new number for the artist or album. If the track already exists, then it assumes that it was a bogus rip and this is a better rip, so it replaces the old mp3 with the new one. If the artist already exists, but not the album, then it adds a new album number and adds all the tracks... Well, I think you can get the idea from there.

        This system works out really well because there isn't any mucking with the database for the user at all. He/She creates a playlist by cueing up music. This playlist is saved in a file so that if you shut down and restart, it just continues where it left off. As cued songs are played, they are put at the end of the playlist. When the cue list is empty, then the player reverts back to whatever is in the playlist. It really works very well. Now I just need to add the hotlist capability and a few other things and I think it will be working nicely!

        Maybe we will hafta get onto ICQ or something and chat about it sometime. I would love to bounce ideas off of someone who has actually done some programming on their MobileMP3 player!

        My ICQ # is 2083622 (LowLife)

        Talk atcha later...


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          Right now I'm working on a player that is a frontend to winamp created with VB. It prints to any sized serial LCD. Program is preset to work with Martix Orbital LCDs. The output can be customized to whatever info you want. Input is with a Gravis Gamepad. You browse through files and directories selecting songs or playlist or even create a new playlist. Supports ID3 Tags when a song is played. I will have it out for download soon with source code. In the future it will support parallel port lcds and keypads. I don't have any database support for playing only certian things like year, artist and stuff like I've seen on most players. I didn't add this becuase most of my MP3's don't have ID3 Tags.


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            I am in the process of integrating a relational database into my MP3 player. I have done a lot of research and mySQL, mSQL and postgreSQL look like good candidates. Plus they are cross-platform, with versions and for both Win9x and Unix/Linux.

            Each MP3 file will have a UUID (Universal unique ID number) that will link it to the database, which will store the actual song information, as well as other stats (like how often you played the particular song, how it ranks compared to other songs in terms of liking, mood, etc.)

            To generate a "playlist", you simply run a query to pull the songs you need. It would be easy to, say play all songs by Tori Amos composed in 1993, for example.


            Jason Johnson
            Yorba Linda, California

            MPC Phase IV - *** PENDING ***


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              I have to agree with ColdBlood (especially as we are both writing similar sstem in Pascal!)

              I will have a look at yours LowLife in a little while.

              My system database is slightly more complicated than most due to the fact I am not driving mine with a keypad. I have tried to keep the controls as easy as possible so you don't have to take your eyes off the road too long!

              I has three buttons (Play/pause etc..) and a joystick-type button for up and down albums and left and right through tracks.

              The longer you hold the button down, the more albums it skips. It is not one long database. It is a playlist file for each directory (album) which can be sent to DAMP the MP3 player being used in DOS.


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                jjohnson - I too considered using a relational database for my MP3 player. But once I saw how good/fast the sort/search features are in Perl, I decided to use it. I didn't really see the need for a relational database since you really only have info related to each song, and thats it. But I think it would still be an interesting project. You could definitely do some neat stuff with stats and such. As I said before, I am working on mine so that I have an automatic hotlist. All I need to do is keep a counter of each time an individual song is played, and then sort on that field when you wanna make the hotlist. Should be cake to do. Cool ideas, will be interested to see your site when it has some content on it. =)

                Andy - I like the idea of a joystick. I use 4 keys for navigation, they are: Page up, Page down, Move up, Move down. It seems to work good, but would be nice to have joystick to grab a hold of. I would like to see some pictures of your setup or at least a write up of it if you ever get in up on a web site. Keep me informed!

                Thanks for the replies guys...



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                  The Site is comming along for the system I;m building.

                  Mine is: or follow the link fro the examples page (I'm at the bottom!)

                  I hope to have some diagrams (provisional ones) on the site in the next few days.

                  I am just finishing the PCB designs.

                  I've decided to use two joysticks.

                  First one is up/down through albums
                  and left/right through tracks

                  Second is rew/ffwd through song
                  and up down can be volume (probably)

                  And one button for start/stop and one button for pause.

                  If you hold the buttons down long enough, it resets the PC as if you pressed the reset button (for emergencies!)

                  I have a goggle button (similar to a Playstation Analogue control stick) for the purpose.


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                    Hi guys!!!
                    I just started my own program a week ago.
                    I am a java lover and write a java program which behaves like Cajun ( the only one I have seen). The good think is that it is platform independent and also supports other formats such as midi, quicktime, wav etc. It's nice to know there are quite a few ppl doing this! My config is like this:

                    Display: Crystal fonz serial port display
                    Input: IRMan

                    Currently the only function it supports
                    is choosing and directory and play all the songs in the directory. The basic functions like prev and next song and volume control are all done too.

                    I will make a homepage for it once, I have made enough functions to impress u guys!