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  • Best way to control Winamp

    I found the best way to control winamp in my car is using the x10 remote. And this guy has even written a winamp specific plugin for it. I got this remote for $22 and it kicks *** ... radio frequency (no line of sight) and all the button's one needs. The plugin and instructions can be found at

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    Thats funny, I thought I was the only one who used that! Its pretty cool, but there are a few really annoying things about it. For one, you can't numericly select different playlists. Another thing is that you can't skip foward or back 10 tracks (which I find useful). Lastly, (at least on my machine) it
    takes 10-15 seconds to initialize, which gets VERY annoying after a while.

    I just use the X-10 w/ Ampapod cause Evation sent me a screwed up IRMan. Its also fun to turn my house lights on and off with. I hope that Amapod guy gets off his butt and finishes writing the new version soon.


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      My X10 works as advertised but the winamp plugin does not. I am running win 95, is this the problem? I have already followed all the suggestions from the author. You folks have any trouble getting it to work the first time?


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        I run Win98, not 95, but I don't see why that would make a difference. I think I remember a certain driver you need to install for Win95, which was somewhere on the Ampapod site. Another thing is that you have to have a PS2 mouse plugged in, which is really stupid. If your X-10 works like a mouse, then that's your problem right there.


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          Got it! I didn't realize I could not run my mouse through the reciever. Left mouse in ps2 port and put reciecer into comm1 port, rebooted and it works great. I will use this in my car system running on an Advantech single board computer. Thanks for the reply.