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  • printing playlists

    ok, so either i'm just not seeing it, or winamp has no feature for sending my playlist to the printer.. know of any external program that would print my .m3u files?

    thanks much..

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    Winamp will export your playlist to a HTML page, which you can then print from explorer or navigator, or cut and paste into a word processor.


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      Hey, i knwo you can print the playlist through HTML but is there anyway to get the Song number to be added to that list or is there anyone out there who can write a program to export it with the numbers included. Maybe even make it flexible enough to optionally include song length, etc.
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        I open the playlist that winamp saves and I copy it to EXCEL. Then I simply add the numbers with an excel formula. It takes me about 20 seconds to generate a 500 song playlist with the track number next to it.


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          I do kinda like the others do, I let winamp generate a html playlist. I highlight all the songs it generates, copy that to clipboard, open up Word, paste the list.
          The only problem with this is, that for numbering and bullets to work, each line needs a Paragraph character, so you need to go into Replace, let the other options show up. Choose in the special section the Manual line break for the Find line, then choose Paragraph for the replace, it'll make each line a new paragraph. Then just select the whole document, go to bullets and numbering and number the whole document. It should number them exactly how your playlist is.


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            I use this program:

            mp3l11.exe (670K)


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              Fiddler has written an excellent little program to solve the problem of printing playlists. His last message on this subject follows. Let's all send a thank you note to fiddler at [email protected]

              Fiddlers Message:
              Ok .. i decided to just write the software you're looking for .. it's very simple, doesnt have all the features one would want but it does the job you're asking .. it takes the m3u file you pick, lets you select an output filename and then makes a copy of the original without the #EXTINF and numbers it. (then you can just take that file and print it .. from notepad or something .. like i said.. not much functionality) .. this software is provided as freeware and i have to put in a disclaimer that I am not responsible for any damage that may be caused by it. Use at your own risk!
              well now that that's over with - Enjoy! (it WILL tell you if you're about to overwrite a file you already have.. hehe but u know .. i gotta do this.


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                you're welcome



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                  I just do the easiest thing, which is generate html playlist, copy and paste from the top to bottom of tracks, then paste it in excel, then in print setup or page setup there is an option to print column headings/row headings or osmething like that. check that, then it will print with the numbers in front of them.

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