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Terratec Cinergy 600+touchscreen

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  • Terratec Cinergy 600+touchscreen

    Has anyone made Terrareck Cinergy 600 Radio work with any program to control it with touchscreen?

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    yes, me. it works good, what's the matter?


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      Can you tell what program did you use and what settings, because I trieda lot programs and none worked.


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        Road Runner! i think it's the very best front end available.

        I use Radiator for FM tuning and Winamp TV plugin for TV. At the moment there is only a little issue when using FM and TV in the same session but i think it'll be solved soon. (otherwise u could use Terratec original Active Radio program embedding it into a generic skin in Road Runner, but it's a bit more difficult to control it since it's not resizable and so buttons remain a bit too small, but it works, however).



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          Terratec Cinergy 600

          Originally posted by stric
          Has anyone made Terrareck Cinergy 600 Radio work with any program to control it with touchscreen?

          I'm working on a "Car entertainment system" (like many other)

          One of the features is full controll of the radio tuner in Terratec Cinergy 600, including RDS and the remote controll.


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            me too i'm trying pulling out rds infos from TT cinergy fm tuner. have u found the way?


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              Yes I can "pull" info from the RDS and from the remote as well. I got API info from Terratec. Try to contact Terratec.


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                i currently use Road runner, do u think it's possible to integrate RDS in its radio player? and anyway could u possibly send me any information u have about pulling RDS infos from terratec dll u have?
                Thanx alot anyway


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                  But does it need radiator? Can you tell me your settings in Radiator?


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                    yes u have to use (at the moment, in the future i hope we'll have built-in support for this card) Radiator; u have to chose fly200 plugin and MK3 tuner in Radiator setup.


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                      Do you have a skin for a radio in roadrunner, and can roadrunner luanch an external application. If than I can maby make you an simple stand alone radio application with that skin. I don't have time now to make an skinnable radio application. This app will not need any other application, just Terratech TV600 and the drivers for the card installed.


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                        it should be fantastic, i sent terratec an email asking some tech infos, but i can't wait trying to use all card capabilities ....
                        well, actually i use original Active Radio embedded in Road Runner, but u know, tihis app isn't resizable so buttons are a bit too small ....
                        if u could provide me something more useable i'll appreciate very much, no problem about skinnability, i should just embed it in a black-metal empty screen
                        thanx alot.


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                          Strange that they help some out and give others a snotty answer

                          Yes, I did ask for an SDK wich they don't have, but if they had availible info on the API, why didn't they just say so...

                          there is no SDK available for the CInergy products. If you want to develop a
                          application etc. for the Cinergy 600 then you can do this via the Microsoft
                          DirectShow specifications. In the Microsoft DirectX SDK you will find some examples
                          how to do this.
                          Please understand that we are not able to help you in any developing questions !

                          With best regards / Mit freundlichen Gruessen


                          TerraTec Electronic GmbH
                          Herrenpfad 38
                          D 41334 Nettetal


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                            I made a simple "RDS tuner" for Terratech TV 600 not fancy att all and it's not skinnable, and i did it in 30 min, so...

                            Download and unzip "" to a folder, then run the exe.

                            You must have Microsoft .NET framework 1.1 installed!


                            Note that you must have installed Terratech drivers.


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                              big thanx

                              i'll give a try today! big thanx! really