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Booting Win95/98 without video card

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  • Booting Win95/98 without video card

    I've got just about everything setup on the car mp3 player, now all i want to do is eliminate the video card, since im making a custom case, and the video card is in the way. Does anyone know how to boot up windows so that it doesn't have a problem with the video card missing? And so it just continues and loads everything as if nothing were gone (of course not displaying anything). Any help would be much appreciated :-)

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    Can't do this unfortunetly. I doubt your BIOS would even POST without a video card.. probably sit there and beep (assuming you had a speaker hooked up)..
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      you might try halt on no errors. I know award bios have this function and I think AMI have that too.
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        Actually it gets past the BIOS stage, it beeps a little but continues into windows, i can hear windows loading (by the harddrive sounds) but i never hear the Windows Start sound, so it is never fully booted. This is a windows problem/setting. also, when i put the video card back in, and restart, it goes to the boot option menu with safe mode option, this proves that on the previous boot it atleast got to the OS. This has been done by people, using windows or linux, so its possible to get past the BIOS stage. Any more ideas??


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          I haven't tried this myself but IMHO you have to remove the card in Win9x (95 or 98?) before you do the botup.
          Windows9x will try to start the card if you have the drivers in windows. You could also have a look at the bootlog.txt file and read what went wrong during the bootup.

          How about setting up 2 Hardware profiles where you disable the VideoCard in the Default one with a 1 sec delay so you can choose to start Windows with the VideoCard if you attach it again.

          // Markus