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  • EXTINF files?

    I have a Winamp playlist with nearly 7,000 songs and am also trying to find a way to conveniently print the list (with numbers).

    I have found opening the file in Word, then pasting to Excel and adding the numbers through data fill to be the easiest method. Only problem is, I have all these files that show up in the list which are preceeded by "#EXTINF." An example:

    #EXTINF:479, Weezer - Only in Dreams

    These listings appear to be duplicates of other songs in the list. The problem with them is that they screw up the numbering in Excel. In other words, Excel numbers these files which are not numbered in the Winamp playlist. Thus, this throws the numbers off. Anyone know what these files are and how to get rid of them?


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    Ok .. i decided to just write the software you're looking for .. it's very simple, doesnt have all the features one would want but it does the job you're asking .. it takes the m3u file you pick, lets you select an output filename and then makes a copy of the original without the #EXTINF and numbers it. (then you can just take that file and print it .. from notpad or something .. like i said.. not much functionality) .. this software is provided as freeware and i have to put in a disclaimer that I am not responsible for any damage that may be caused by it. Use at your own risk!

    well now that that's over with - Enjoy! (it WILL tell you if you're about to overwrite a file you already have.. hehe but u know .. i gotta do this



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      Could you possible re-up the print program?